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planting on concrete... step 1 — the idea stage — and pick up the shovel chicken!

just weeded three big beds in the potager, started on the perennial beds for the 4th time in the same spot...
why these chickens that follow me around don't pick up the shovel is beyond me... I mean, what the heck? can't they see that I need help pulling out violets??? (and may I ask why that is our state flower here in Illinois... seriously... it's cute, but absolutely penance on Earth)

do you see? do you see her just 'high tailing' (pun intended) it out of here!
she even has her bestie with her on the right making the escape route...

back inside, I am preparing dinner drinking a glass of wine and getting inspiration like this:

that was a perfectly level concrete slab — with a jackhammer made cracks and planted (click on image to see more)

then there's this great flat in New Zealand...

(click on image for source)

there is no way on God's green earth I could ever have the money to do this, or the energy to keep it up, but such beauty...

(click on picture for source)
Needless to say, I bought fox gloves, rosemary, and onion sets today
not for the concrete area, but man alive aren't ideas the best? especially on this absolutely perfect weather day
life is so beautiful isn't it?
i love it

(tomorrow I'll share the dinner... "Donna's Chicken"... if that chicken doesn't pick up that shovel, then guess who's on the plate this Saturday... no... I'm totally joking...)
xo + beautiful blessings,

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planting on concrete... step 1 — the idea stage — and pick up the shovel chicken! + time