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7 Days to a better Me... DAY 1

DAY 1: Pride

How do you battle pride? with humility... so let's take a look...

Looking upon people with my heart, and not my mind…

The one thing I really cannot fathom is ridiculing others for their appearance…whether it is clothing, facial hair, tattoos, hair style, etc…
This has nothing to do with race or nationality…seriously…can we get pass that racism already? It’s 2011…….

At times, it is awfully difficult to look past this fault in others. Some people (always women – never my male friends) tend to do this ridicule of appearance…like they are perfect or something? That is something we should all keep in mind: they aren’t perfect either…NONE of us are….
(and personally... I learn more from my husband, or men sometimes, than women-
when's the last time you heard your husband or male friend ridicule
others about appearance? or downgrade someone?) So instead of looking upon someone who might be “out of style” or has age spots on her face (heaven forbid) look at them with your heart…all of us are special in God’s eyes…no matter what we look like on the outside… Pride is the biggest drawback to becoming a better person…it’s the hardest to get over…
You aren’t so special Anne Marie…no matter who tells you this
*you aren’t so special... not yet*

Today’s society has really drilled this into us when someone is good looking, successful, creative, or even a good baker: that when you are successful at something you are so special

Do you really think that you are so special because you can do these things?
then everyone else who doesn't have your good of a talent... what are they??
If you consider yourself special because you have these talents/gifts, then you might possibly be looking upon others as ‘not special’ and will put them down, even mentally this will not be a good thing…..we should always look upon others for who they are — regardless of talent or creativity
Yes, this talent you have, or worked at enhancing is unique, but who gave you this gift?
but beware...
"A man is never so proud as when striking an attitude of humility" — C.S. Lewis
this means that you can't just act like you are humble... you have to actually live it
Until you start thanking the One who gave it to you, you aren’t special….

Take 5 minutes today and tell God ‘thank you’ a deep sincere thank you for life... for this opportunity to grow... for me to let go of pride...

*now you are special* in the One's eyes that really matters

that's one step closer to true happiness


(picture via Beth Quinn designs... I love wearing those earrings)
(fun tidbit on the peacock... it's both a symbol of pride & God's eye)

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