Souvenirs + Winter

how to preserve herbs (*many* pictures included)...

After you have harvested your herbs -dry them in a very dark place — hang them or put them in a paper bag — top open — until brittle

grab your most cheerful child at that moment...

crumple crumple crumple

(just sit back with your fresh cup of tea and take your cheerful child's photograph... encouraging them along the way with tales of adventure)

we have so much sage that we use large plastic bags to preserve them

the more delicate (and not as abundant here on the farm) herbs get to reside over winter in beautiful blue mason jars... respectively...

To confess: autumn is my absolute favorite in the garden... we are organically growing our vegetables, so at this time of year I can gloriously pull off a slug here and there on the pepper plants and throw them to the chickens
since we have had a frost already, there aren't any other bugs (hallelujah)
but it's now time for cleanup and more garlic to plant
I'm hoping to find some time today to sew a pair of booties for Daniel and even my own cloth diapers (from an old sweater:)
peace + blessings,

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how to preserve herbs (*many* pictures included)... + Winter