Souvenirs + time

such inspiration!

After the event/sale is over... yes, I'm tired, no doubt about that, but during this down time it gives me a chance to think, be calm, and dream
during this whole process, I was surrounded by amazingly talented women that came from New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, and local towns in Illinois... I am truly inspired!!
What was inspiring??
Their focus
and passion for what they do
their confidence in that fact
I dabble in just about everything from covering candles in burlap and sewing linen dresses to hand embroidering tea towels and setting up this whole event
I can already see my focus changing... defining... and it is all because of those men and women that took the time to come to our farm and be a part here's just a few of the pictures that I took... (if you came to the event and are posting pictures, let me know... I'd love to see them!! and I'll post your link on my sidebar) 

checkout counter... with a linen dress/jacket combo I made and one of Jill Harris' bags that rock my world 

again... 'the rock my world' bag that sold before I could get it, and an original art piece by Jeanne Oliver

a barn wood bench with a metal base that Jason made for the event, and items from both Jennifer Rizzo and Polly Hood

My daughter's and I new line "The Sweet Life"... it was a success for her!! I'm so happy for my sweet daughter!!!!

'the peasant dress' from Jeanne Oliver and hand made crochet tops from Jill Harris — just gorgeously made things
I'm hoping to see more pictures from a few friends that came... I didn't get to take many photographs...
Midwest Living Magazine came out to the event, wrote a story on it, took some fantastic pictures of both the sale and the Art on the Farm with Jeanne Oliver that was taking place in the horse barn... they were so nice and Jason & I are honored they came to our farm...

I took some video with our new video camera during the event... but am having difficulty getting it uploaded — as soon as that is smoothed out I can't wait to share it with you who weren't able to come...
I was asked by a SUPER sweetie named Lauren (hi girl!) what my favorite part of this whole process of the event/barn sale was...

truly it was the togetherness that is felt in the barn

it is the common interests and desires all of us have

how we are all connected

(insert kumbyah here)

so I asked myself when everyone was asleep after braving (and photographing) tornado clouds while sipping red wine and eating a chocolate... okay... so maybe 3 chocolates...
"what can I do to help others be inspired??"

continue my journey in life with my heart

my passion

my faith

so many of you came up to me and said "thank you for doing this"... and honestly... I don't know how to respond to that...

'thank you' would be obvious — and I did say that — but this is just my life, my way of thinking and doing... and you all have no idea how very very special it is for all of us at the event that you came and met us and was a part of this togetherness...

we really are here to help support one another

to encourage

to grow in happiness and holiness

not to be favored, but accepted for who we are, and striving to always be better people

okay, so I got caught up in theology of "Anne's mind on the farm" and all, but it is from my heart that I tell you

it was a wonderful experience having you come here
either in person, or via blog

with much love and blessings,

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such inspiration! + time