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Garden Bench... and some brick

Improving the garden lately with some brick and an old potting bench my minlaw Karen gave me

she owns an antiques shop in Geneva, IL and gets the coolest stuff come by her door sometimes... there was a picker who came to her shop recently, and brought this bench... there are stenciled sunflowers that I tried to sand off, but I am going to paint over them with all this time I have this week... ha!

it compliments the area great, and holds my pots and some tender lavender plants

a great place for me to make a mess and just sweep it off

i used some reclaimed bricks...

Jason also made a gate using our neighbor's corn crib doors she let us have. Since the fence is made out of her corn crib siding, it is very happy as our potager's gate now. They are the greatest color on the other side too... a blueish gray.

i really like how she's framed now

I'm hoping to post all the preparations and such about the sale this weekend... I will be embracing this time to create/bake/set up...

I can't wait to see you guys again!! Today is the last day to get your discount at the Holiday Inn Express in Rochelle, IL... make sure you call today!!! and say you are coming to Farm to get your deal.

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Garden Bench... and some brick + weekend