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So how did you all do editing your homes over the weekend??
If you started making progress... that's good... but don't let it stay that way...
seriously... get rid of anything that doesn't mean something to you...
the thing about styling your own home, is to have it reflect you...
how do you achieve this??

buy what you love put odd characteristics together
I don't shop at Home Goods or Hobby Lobby for decor items... that just isn't me
I just sort of do whatever feels organic...
like when Gilberta started laying her eggs this past month, it seemed only right to put them out for display...

but it doesn't have that 'punch'
maybe it's because I have five kids and STILL expecting the sixth but whatever the reason... the eggs under the cloches just isn't what I'm thinking...

this is more of what I'm thinking:

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I'm no professional... and my idea of 'style' is evolving it seems into an area that I didn't know existed!

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I used to be all about antiques, but now, it seems, that I would like to add more eclecticism into the decor... some bold colors... just pops — keeping the background neutral — in white and tan...
just as life evolves, so can your style
the worst thing you can do is get in a rut... and not try adding a new look
if you like that large glass turquoise vase at the thrift store for $5 — buy it -
if you want to add an old school blackboard to your living room wall — do it
if you like all your kitchen utensils packed away for a change and nothing on your counters — super!
TRY a NEW style... by just editing what you have...

though my hands may be calloused from working around this farm in the summer, winter time they are inside tending more towards the interior once spring really comes, that fresh bouquet of flowers are just the right accent (like in this photo — with the peonies on the coffee table) 

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let's see where this will go...

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