Souvenirs + Winter

Kurt the rooster...

Kurt has been around for a little while now
Sir Charles died this winter from natural causes... and well... I miss him
I never thought I'd miss a rooster
now, don't you go thinking I'm making chicken diapers and letting them sleep indoors (seriously)
but I do miss my Sir Charles... he was so nice and treated 'the girls' nice too... dare I even say "respectable"
Kurt came to us last summer as a chick... Sir Charles raised him like a son... taught him what to do, how to care for the girls and the ins and outs of the farmlife here
some of you might think I'm exaggerating... but truthfully... he really did teach Kurt those things — they do that

is that a smile I see??

he sure is a handsome beauty
he is very protective... and brave
his crow is regal and loud... but I still miss Sir Charles
as long as Kurt keeps the girls out of my mulch in the perennial beds, he'll quickly become my favorite

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Kurt the rooster... + Winter