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the sweet life...

NEW to the farm!!!

My eldest daughter and I created a new product line (it was all her brilliant idea) called
"the sweet life"

here's a peek at what we've been creating for the May event together:

adorable hand-stitched stuffed little birdies to perch on top of your cake
and colorful — striped bunting
*made by daughter* cupcake toppers... 

*made by daughter* a few items I have been working on...

hand embroidered kitchen towels
(made from antique linen from Scotland)

let me just say, she has inspired me... *thank you sweet daughter*

We have had so much fun with this new product line... and there is so much more I didn't share here...
I have SO broken out of my box with working with only linen products, and now have embraced recycled felt (like on the cake I made for her display) and vintage trims I have had accumulating... always loved the colors, and now have a use for them!
a great way to brighten up your days! is working with color!!
xo + "sweet life" blessings,

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the sweet life... + vintage