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from scratch...

how often we run to the store to get pre-packaged items
back just 70 years ago, you didn't do that
you didn't even have that option, except eating at a restaurant
things were from scratch... fresh... and that was 'the every day', not just because your girlfriends are coming over and you want to serve them some homemade muffins with coffee...
how very lazy we have become as a society
I said lazy

there is nothing wrong with using a food processor, or Bosch mixer, but there is something wrong with pre-packaged food from the store...
think of this:
when you are walking through the grocery store, stay to the perimeter of the store — that is where all the fresh vegetables, meats, dairy, bakery, etc, is...
if you need to, head into the dry goods area for flour/beans/rice... but try not to get that oozy goozy stuff that they are selling from tubes that you squeeze into your mouth because you are too lazy to put it into a glass jar and use a utensil

does this sound harsh? saying that we are lazy??
I'm right along side you with the big fat "L" on my head
I don't grow my wheat, then grind it to make flour, then bake bread with it every day...
I do know of woman who actually do this... and my apron strings are off to you... and someday, I would love to do that... in between raising my sheep in pasture to spin my wool, to knit my sweaters while I wait for my goat's milk to simmer to the right temperature for my goats milk soap, as I pull out my bread from the oven, after I just finished graduating my son from homeschooled high school, and taught my daughter how to Irish dance stronger and steeped my tea from the chamomile plants I grow in the garden...
we aren't all able to do those things... quite frankly... I don't know anyone who does all of that in one day
we pick and choose what we want... like a great oatmeal muffin recipe...
whip up the egg whites, add them gently into the mixture already in the bowl
then you sit back and watch it puff in the oven and give the whole house a breathe of homemade goodness

and if that's all this woman can accomplish in one day, then go ahead, slap that "L" on my forehead, I deserve it, but before you look at me and judge me and think that everything smells delicious like these muffins, know this: a lot of hard work goes into my kids first, not my appearance... not my house... not my farm...
my kids

there is way too much "look what I did" out here in cyberland, and quite frankly, it's making me nauseated
I have so much I'd like to share with you, that I am working on, or that I have worked on, but truthfully, it is all a bunch of vanity... telling you what I've done or doing or going to do (I will, in time, share when and what I want)
reading the written word, especially on the computer screen, you can read someone's words and take it the wrong way — I do hope you all understand that I do not ever want you to feel like I'm rubbing it in
I can't stand that
I share what I do here, because it is my space — my journal
and I love all of you who come to visit, and I enjoy getting to know some of you even more through emails — and your comments -
There was a friend of mine very recently who told me that all she can get done is a load of laundry, and here I am doing this and that and the other — I know she is not bitter about it, but if she only knew how special she is by doing what she does... I am a very organized person — and can get a lot accomplished in the day because of two very important reasons: 1) I do not watch TV, we don't have one and 2) I plan meals with six children and a husband to feed, these meals and baked goods I do are planned at least a week in advance — minus the sporadic baked goods my daughter or son like to do (or me:)
negativity, doubt, and vanity all lead to one thing: depression
stop thinking of yourself and do something for someone else — break the cycle of "me"
create something good today by not talking bad about anyone look at everyone you come in contact with today (everyone) and know that God loves them just as much as you... you aren't the cat's meow... you are one of very very many in this world
what can you do today? for someone else?? go bake something from scratch for your kids, neighbor, friend, priest, aunt, mom, husband... they'll love it
peace + blessings,

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