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what kind of conversations are you guys having with your spouses about this past Christmas? is it every any wonder why we keep trying to make this life more simple? more in tune with the natural progression of the year?

this time of year, the new year, we seem to want to make new resolutions/etc... and doing so during the Christmas season... as might be a good idea, it is quite possible that instead of making resolutions on this day, a deeper sense of the reality of who you are and where you are should be determined


what if instead of putting that pressure upon ourselves, just because others are doing so, we accepted who we are, how we look, and where we live with honor, respect, love and thanksgiving

don't get me wrong... I am the first one to set a goal, do it, and then go on to the next one (especially when it comes to cleaning... like my forgotten pantry which took over four hours the other day)

how about the peace of self

not only will this give you the confidence to go out into the world and be who you want to be, but the pressure is off

i tend to like pressure a bit... sometimes i need it to help me along

but there are times, when all i need to do is step back, and see the situation and just accept it... honor the people involved in it... respect myself... love whatever and whomever is involved... and give thanks for the joy it is bringing me

i don't know about you all, but i'm ready to work at this more and more each... to create an environment that is peaceful and joyful for those near and dear to me

but it will take work

maybe a few tools too... and a lot of patience, fortitude and faith

but i'm ready

are you?

xo + new year blessings,

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