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no... not to a publisher... not to the next blogger you meet... not to any editor...
but submit yourself to your calling as a mother
as a wife
as a woman 

(one of my favorite depictions of the Blessed Mother when she is being told she is to have a Son)
don't get caught up in the shopping... the hustle... the bustle...
if I can do it with five kids and nearly seven months pregnant, I think you can too
This blogging world is not a competition... it's not something to bring us down... but to lift us up! keep us inspired!! that doesn't mean you have to go out and purchase that cabinet just like you saw at "so and so's" blog and break the bank... or decorate your home just like "so and so" and waste your money on what truly isn't your style but someone else's...
help support one another ladies!
look around and see it's okay to not spend your money!!
For so many of the women in my life that I LOVE, this is what I hear them saying:
"Santa" + money + gifts + gas money + stress + anxiety + topping last year's gift + "so and so" + family + Jesus' birth = Christmas
take money out of the equation
what are you left with:
Family + Jesus birth = Christmas
sounds pretty good to me... but the best part is this is how it should be
here's to a holy and happy holiday season for each of you this Christmas... truly from the bottom of my heart...
peace and blessings,

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