Souvenirs + Winter

stop number 9... an e-book from the farm and hand carved spoons from Jason's hands

Hi! I hope this Christmas house walk finds you all well!! come on in to our little farm house on the prairie...

more than half my day is spent in this little corner of the world... the kitchen
my kitchen = my expression = my love for my family = and oh such good and tasty dishes...
we ALL get involved in the kitchen! it's my favorite room of the house

these little candy canes are being bagged up for sale in the shop today! check back later!!!

collecting those little tins, I have made a lot of little treats for the kids
cakes and tiny pies
one of the things I really have enjoyed, is collecting small things like that — after all... I AM surrounded by six little sets of feet scampering about the farmhouse all day:)
totally not complaining

thos candy canes are vintage wire ones and the coolest quick decorating thus far this year

this may not look like a Christmas kitchen... but simmering on the stove is some raw milk I'm heating up for baby Daniel, with my cup of tea steaping in the background, and the chalkboard proclaiming I need to slow down and enjoy these last few days of Advent

nature inspires this family of mine... this farmhouse... this soul

yes, that is the mini-conservatory Jason made for me to use in the potager... it's sitting next to and apple ladder... which is all resting peacefully on top of a table Jason also made using reclaimed barn wood

we've "freaked" out a few people with letting our Percheron horse Jordan roam the property free and eat the cool grass... and this picture simbolizes so much to me

instead of taking all the pine trimmings and making thick swags, I am leaving them raw
extending their life from outdoors right into our home

a bunch of lavender grens as well as pine branches surround Mary especially since it's the feast day of the Immaculate Conception! Dear blessed Mother... so gentle and kind... may I always give my all to others through sacrifice Mary... help me to be closer to your Son

the girl's room...
all vintagey turquoise + red and simply so fun & cute!

this house most certainly is never 'totally tidy'... especially when you give your daughter the freedom to create in her 'vintage horse room'

back downstairs, in our once dining room (now turned living room) pinecones, dried oranges and an eskewed lamp;)... things are not perfect here

Daniel even got some new stuffed toys I hand stitched this holiday season... I couldn't resist letting him have them before Christmas day! he also loves playing with my yarn balls like a little kitty

he sure does love his sister... what a blessing a big family is!!

that's the end of the house tour for me...
in case you missed stop #8, it is my very good personal friend, who literally lives just 30 minutes from the farm: Traci Thorson... she's our official photographer for the farm events and certain other publications...
as well as stop #10: blondienc who has a great blog!
I'm so excited to present to you the very special project all of us here on the farm have been working on together... especially Jason and I

We've compiled some simple and traditional holiday recipes and easy to make gifts in this

it is an online e-book!!! We are so very excited to share this with you! (more on the book tomorrow)
We also have something else to share!!

the winter 2011 collection of hand carved spoons from NA.DA.FARM
Jason has been hand carving spoons they are so beautiful and special each spoon is one of a kind made from his own two hands truly beautiful
100% made by hand from reclaimed timber from the farm and other local wood
organic in nature... organically finish
each piece is sealed with organic olive oil... the safest sealant for wood used in the kitchen

We are opening up shop once again for some very wonderful hand crafted items from both Jason and myself... tomorrow!!!

From all of us here at the farm... peace + blessings,

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stop number 9... an e-book from the farm and hand carved spoons from Jason's hands + Winter