Souvenirs + time







an abundance to reflect on this past year of many feathers, cupcakes, spoons, and a new soul

sometimes being so far from home yet not leaving anywhere


seeking a new life within me through untangling the brambles i have caught myself in

i cannot go back

i must follow the star

seeking my soul
finding what He wants from me
trying desperately to always please Him

learning my failings and the strength that comes from this knowledge

gathering memories and losing the moments in time to once again clear the way to seek the star

finding the laughter...
(never too far to look)

my star

not of fame or fortune or greed or something of this world

my star

peace + new year blessings,

{1} sisters
{2} together as a family is all we want
{3} reflecting, admiring
{4} hair by oldest daughter — that is so fun!
{5} cinnamon rolls — enought to feed the county
{6} Christmas morning table at the farm
{7} brothers
{8} "rabbit man" (a.k.a. our comedian son)
{9} little "lumberdanny"

2011, Cake, family, farm, fun, life, new year, peace, and more:

shining... + time