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DESIGN Q&A with two amazing women...

The Master Bedroom Design Q(uestions) & A(nswers) was a BLAST! Wouldn't being a decorating reporter be so fun?
I think so
So many of you wonderful readers haven't asked me "why" I am re-decorating my bedroom with Jo and Lulu as design stylists... because it's obvious why!
They both have great talent...
What's my decorating motto for this bedroom: "un-decorate"
Today's Q&A is with Jo, from the Secret Garden Cottage. Her and I have talked back and forth, because of the blogs, for quite some time, and as soon I saw her kitchen/dining area, even though it's a kitchen, it inspired me for my bedroom... and here's why:

All of Jo's Answers are in italicized print, and all pictures in this post are from Jo's beautifully inspiring blog.
Here's the Q&A with one of the nicest women, Jo:

1) When you design your rooms, do you have a focal point? something that anchors the room? If so, it is usually art or architecture

A: Yes. I definitely always try to have a focal point in each of my rooms, usually architectural pieces. I don't use much art in my home, mostly because I have a hard time finding something I like 100%.

2) How do you achieve an understated feminine approach to your style?
A: Well... I try to keep in mind that this is my husband's home, too, and wouldn't want to overwhelm him with too many floral prints, ruffles, or super feminine colors. I try to add a feminine touch to my decor with some of the furniture pieces I use, such as the table I recently bought and placed in my kitchen. It has some decorative scroll work and pretty, curvy legs. I also use flowers and herbs from the garden to add a little bit of romance to my home, as well as the slipcovered furniture and accessories, such as glass cloches, white ironstone pitchers, and candles.

3) what would you classify your style as?
A: I think my style is very eclectic. I love French farmhouse, Scandinavian, and American country cottage styles, and I think I have a little bit of each style in my home.

4) how do you achieve an overall cohesive look to your home?
A: Sometimes I fell like I struggle with this myself. I try to give my home an overall cohesive feeling by using the same color scheme throughout my home. I generally only use different shades of white in my decor, including my wall paint. I also try to purchase furniture pieces that work well together... have similar architectural lines and so forth.

5) If you were to design my bedroom, by knowing me personally, and seeing my style on my blog, while incorporating your style techniques, how would design my bedroom? what elements would you include in your design plan?
A: Keeping in mind your personal style... I think that the one thing you like about mine and Lulu's style is the use of white in our decor, so I would give you an all white bedroom. I would use an architectural piece with white, chippy paint such as a vintage door(s) or fireplace mantle for your headboard. I've also noticed that you like warm wood tones in your home, so I would incorporate warm wood pieces of furniture, such as your night stands and maybe a vintage chest or bench (if room allows) at the foot of your bed. The bed linens you have would look beautiful in the room, but I would add a bed skirt to make it a bit more femine. I also noticed that you love vintage silver, which I think would look gorgeous in the bedroom in the use of accessories. I would dress the windows with sheer linen or cotton curtain panels that puddle on the floor just slightly and use tree branches for the curtain rods. Since your room is small, you would want to keep accessories to a minimum to give it a serene, peaceful feeling.

Anything else you would like to say?? I just want to thank you again for including me in your bedroom makeover, Anne Marie. I feel so honored that you would consider my ideas alongside Lulu's to inspire a room makeover in your beautiful home. You have such an amazingly beautiful style and creative mind, so I know this room will turn out to be the beautiful haven you desire, and I can't wait to see it when it's done!

Isn't she the sweetest?? I wish she lived closer to actually help me! How much fun we'd have...
After I saw THIS POST she did, and she had quite a few of the same inspiration photos that I have in my design collection, I knew I would beg her to do this for me:)
Tomorrow is my friend Lulu's Q&A with me... stay tuned!
Hope you are all enjoying your week thus far!!
peace and blessings,

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DESIGN Q&A with two amazing women... + vintage