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Good morning! Winner!!!

Congratulations Amy!!! you won the ART on the Farm Giveaway!!

here's Amy's comment: {Amy} said...
This sounds like the coolest thing ever, what a generous give-away. And I am in Illinois... I could actually do this. This is just what my creative soul is looking for right about now!

-visit Amy's totally cute blog by clicking on the above picture-

(I love meeting new people!)

Here's what you'll be getting... ~ 2 seats (so bring a friend!) to all the art classes here on the farm + a ~ FREE night's stay in the 4star Holiday Inn Express just minutes from the farm!! (and you'll get some little goodies from me too) ~Greg Wheaton (palying here Friday night at 5-8pm) wanted to participate in this giveaway as well, and he is giving you one of his CD's Amy!!! This man is playing at the Hard Rock Cafe this next week in Chicago... he's no ordinary guitar player — he's extraordinary -

This was so much fun hosting this giveaway — and it was all from the generosity of Jeanne, Jill, and Jennifer
there are a few seats available still in all classes (at least, last time I checked!) so please make sure you sign up today if you are thinking of coming... and OH! good news!! The hotel is allowing the special pricing of $97.75 still apply up until next Friday!

What's so amazing about these art classes, is that you are amongst nature when you are here
it's so peaceful, and it allows your creative side to flourish under the direction of your teacher
All three of those women teaching are amazing artists! and are so willing to open up this opportunity for you to come and create/shop/listen/eat:)
If you are 'on the fence' for coming to take a class, just remember how important it is to allow God's gifts to you come through... and sometimes that might just mean learning a new technique... it might just be exactly what you need to get you going in a new artistic direction,
You could be like me, and pick up a paintbrush and draw giant feathers on the wall, to which I don't paint, don't draw, just sketch garden plans and hog houses or a simple skirt or dress on paper... but it was the most unexplainable time being in "that mode"
Jill is making that weekend even MORE special! take a look:

click on image to sign up for one of Jill's classes  we all have a busy life, let's take some time out of that life to enjoy it

peace + blessings,

I so wish I could give you all a giveaway like this... thanks to everyone who entered...

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Good morning! Winner!!! + winner