Souvenirs + time


{ beneath these crisp skies and wet from the mornng dew boots
{ hiddin under the dirt in my fingernails from the removal of frost bitten cucumber plants
{ a simple phone call to my 92 years of age grandmother to still get advice on baking
{ prayers for the healing of this country to slow down
{ waking at 3 am to warm a cup of milk to ease my tensions while oddly listening to geese flying over head

instinctively animals understand the ebb and flow of the world... we have seen first hand how the birds of the air don't worry, but yet, just do... do what they are supposed to do...

no worries

there is no need to worry

the Bible (the original version that is) says not to fear/not to worry over 365 times

I will take one for each day please... and in that give thanks...

mornings can be rough... this I know all too well... but catch yourself and remind yourself not to worry... not to fear


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