Souvenirs + time

my brother... and his spoons

recently moved up from North Carolina, his hands have been busy all his life outdoors...

he lived in a one bedroom cabin in the mountains of Colorado for almost 10 years

he was a river rafter guide down the Colorado river

he was a chef

he hiked the Colorado trail... the whole thing

he is close to the Earth

he is close to God

I know!! doesn't he sound like the coolest guy?? we think so... we love him...

I only had sisters growing up, so having a brother is awesome... he is my brother by marriage... such an amazing person... he teaches me a lot about life (I've told him many times I can't wait to read the book he will write about his life... hee)

he's done so much in his life... & that character comes out in his hand carved spoons he's been doing with Jason

they sit out there in the barn and carve, talk, and mold a log into a utilitarian beautiful creation

he made this baby spoon...

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see he had done that!! If you have a baby that is starting to eat solids, or a toddler using a utensil for the first time, you understand how it just doesn't seem right to use plastic!!
I have been using silver spoons — which I like — but they are hard... metal... so this soft yet hard wooden spoon is perfect... in every way
If you are coming to the barn sale, not only is he going to be grilling some local meats for your supper or lunch, he'll be selling a few of his spoons too
he also hand carved this amazing spoon... "the serving scoop" scoop anything you like... ice cream... risotto... fresh cobbler...

it's so interesting to see the different shapes and finishes the spoons get turned into... it really does mimic their personalities... just like any artistic endeavor

whenever you create something by hand, the character comes out

hope you are all enjoying this beautiful spring day... I have more planting to do, and I can't wait to share with you all the improvements to my kitchen garden...


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my brother... and his spoons + time