Souvenirs + time

help of friends...

I typically fly solo on projects... I'm the "I can do that on my own" type of woman
but this year is so much different... if I want my event's styling done, I had to ask for help
this may sound silly... but I thought when I'd ask people that the answer would be "no"... "sorry, I don't have time"
or they just wouldn't want to help me

but that certainly isn't the case...
God has blessed me with meeting some amazing women in my life... having a friend you can count on is so special... and having more than one of these is even more amazing
I grew up having boys as my friends, I couldn't stand all the clicks and such, so now, having so many girlfriends (and mostly because of this blog) is heartwarming...
A special (VERY special) shout out to my good friend Jennifer... girl... I think you are amazing, talented, soulful, artistic, kind, caring, and just a down to earth organic woman... thank you for being there for me!!

All of you have helped support me in this upcoming event with your encouragement, kind words, and blog posts... so thank you so very much...
it's a blessing to know you
a BIG xo + farm blessings,

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help of friends... + time