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what is Bohemian style?

I received an email this morning that got me thinking about my Bohemia roots...

the rich colors of Hungarian needlework at a market... picture source unknown as 'family legend' has it: some of my ancestors were so poor that they had dirt floors and when someone would come to visit, a design was drawn into the freshly combed dirt floor with a special type of broom

My family isn't a big family on that Hungarian/Transylvania/Bohemia side, but I do know that some of them were in fact gypsies...

my Hungarian grandfather with his team of work horses he plowed the fields with

my Grandfather today... he just turned 94 on Easter Sunday... and still in the garden Bohemia style to me is a free expression of the wild and rugged countryside of Europe cuddled with gentle touches from exotic travelers that passed through that region 

my Hungarian grandmother with flowers in her hair... both are more absolute FAVORITE pictures of them (of course, the family doesn't have any pictures of the gypsies... I wish!)
I chose Bohemian Italy — which could be hard to figure out — for the event, because to me, both Italy and Bohemia are so rich with culture and surprise and texture and intrigue... and I do like a challenge...
Blending Italy and Bohemian style has been so much fun!! Muted colors with blasts of color here and there
I am so excited for the event, and to see all of you again who came before and meet new people too... and in the true gypsy style, ALL bloggers are welcome to come to the new BLOGGER TENT!!

image via tumblr (please forgive me for not knowing the source... if you know, let me know)... I love this image! It will be a special place just for all you bloggers... to meet... mingle... have some champagne...
and have a great time meeting new BLOGGERS
If you are coming, let me know and I'll add you to my sidebar of 'who's coming'
for those of you not coming, I so wish you could...
and as you can just imagine, but life is pretty much consumed with my sweet baby Daniel and this upcoming event...
Have a great day!!

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what is Bohemian style? + time