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during one of those times I was reading about angels... true angels... not some flowy gowned pixie dust spreading angel... but the truth of angels...

how we are so very different from them
they are in a constant state with God — seeing Him at all times — being with Him at all times
I don't know about you, but I don't always feel the presence of God
there are dry times... then there are fruitful times... times where it's like I was sitting in the dark reading a book, and someone came and turned on the light so I could see
that night reading of angels, that light got turned on
a connection of understanding that will never ever leave me
that feeling is addicting... I yearn for that feeling of connection... addicted I am
our selves... are spirits... are from God... the Lord granted us this time on Earth... and the bodies which we have, are "holding" that spirit of ours

I will never look at my children the same way again... after realizing this, my responsibility for guiding them the way I am is even more profound... showing them what to do with these bodies... guiding others... helping another... planting food for others... helping those amazing animals we have
it's truly incredible when you think of that... that our bodies are holding our spirits and we have this awesome gift of using our bodies... the angels do not share this... they are spirits in themselves... no bodies if they were to materialize, I am sure they would be sword in hand and ever so powerful... they are there to protect and guide us... not spread pixie dust...
we have been chosen to be on this Earth... we have been chosen to use these bodies
when our bodies are separated from our spirit upon our death... our spirit will not be contained any longer -
now that is amazing... truly truly amazing...
we have a choice on what to do with these bodies... these hands...

peace + blessings,

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