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Q&A with Lulu...

The whole concept behind my master bedroom is to "un-decorate"...

like I told Lulu over the phone ******* (which was so hilarious, because she literally took me out to a healthy breakfast, a ride across part of California all while taking care of her precious son while on the phone... I loved it Lu!) ******* that my great admiration for so many beautiful fabrics tempts me so often to buy these sumptuous fabrics, but I do NOT desire to have a bedroom that is 'decorated', but nicely put together with good design elements in mind.

Which is why I also thought of Lulu, from Dusty Lu Interiors
her and her husband have their own design business, but beyond that, I have seen what Lulu does on the inside of her own home (as you will see in the pictures in this post... they are all of her home)
*her answers are also in italics*
1) When you design your rooms, do you have a focal point? Yes, I look for a focal point every room, or I make one, with a large piece of furniture, architecture like a fireplace mantel, artwork, etc. and center it.

2) How do you achieve an understated feminine approach to your style? Easy, simplicity with detail.

3) what would you classify your style as? I really don't like to nail down one specific style I like, because my taste evolves all the time. One thing I know is certain I love and try to incorporate white into my designs.

4) how do you achieve an overall cohesive look to your home? I buy what I love, and when you do that it all comes together and you can never go wrong.

5) If you were to design my bedroom, by knowing me personally, and seeing my style on my blog, while incorporating your style techniques, how would design my bedroom? First, I would like to say I enjoyed our conversation very much the other day on the phone. It gave me a chance to get to know you better, you are very genuine and so nice. When I spoke to you we suggested using a silver or silver blue paint color, I recently used both colors in two homes I helped design and decorate. When I design spaces I try to make it both masculine and feminine. When designing a bedroom, I believe it is a very personal space, and you need to consider both parties. I suggested keeping your gorgeous dark walnut sleigh bed to add that masculine touch and adding pretty fabrics for a feminine touch. The paint colors can go both ways, and when you accessories you can bring in natural elements to anchor the room and that can add both a feminine and masculine feel.

6)what elements would you include in your design plan? I love the use of symmetry especially in a bedroom, it gives an overall calming affect.

Lulu and I are digging a little deeper into the design now and actually picking out paint colors and furniture placement... and this could not be more fun!
If you haven't visited Lulu's online journal, then you may not know some really cool things about her! Like her constant zeal for learning — she's always taking these awesome classes that she shares with her readers (the last one being photography which was so interesting to me)...
her home has been featured in magazines and on the Internet
why is there a picture of Rachel here?

because Lulu has also has been Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture photographer for many projects...
the great things about having a job like that, is that it keeps her at home (where she wants to be) with her son. She's expecting her second baby and I couldn't be more thrilled (and somewhat disappointed she won't be making the trip here to Illinois in May — lol)
Her schedule sounds so busy, seriously, and for her to take the time to help me like this, is just so amazing to me... thank you Lulu... it really means a lot...

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