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*it's been such a pleasure reading all of your comments on the GIVEAWAY* (you still have time to enter if you haven't yet!) go HERE
The past year of the sales/events here at our farm, I have decided to make that transition from just 'barn sale' to an event
it gives me the opportunity to really get creative with the events...
May 2010 was the Patisserie (to see more pictures visit my good friend Tracey)
October 2010 was all about the story of Bridgette (she encapsulated my spirit, and I'm still working on the ending to the book)
This May, has been in the works ever since last fall, and I'm so excited to share it with you...

__________________________________________________________________ (further this February, I will be feauturing each of the amazing/creative men and women participating in this event)

I know a lot of you cannot make it to the event... and I so wish you could...
so I came up with an idea!
One of the displays I'm erecting for the event is a huge inspiration board

photo credit: Canadian House and Home
So I thought it would be fun if you want to be a part of the event, that you could send me your business card... no bigger than a 5"x8", to the farm, and I'll put it up on the board... the more the merrier!!
and when people come to visit the event, they'll see "so and so" from "that blog I love!" up there on the board...
If you are interested in participating in this idea, then take the flyer picture and put it up on your blog's sidebar, and feel free to tell people YOU are a part of the Farm Event!
I do hope to meet some of you... and if you do come... make sure that you introduce yourself okay? I'll be the one with the newborn snugly wrapped around me...
email me at: in order for you to get the address to send your business card to add to the inspiration board!

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