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Birthday Cake... for Him

When you think of celebrating the birth of your own child, preperations are sometimes extensive...
invitations sent out...
fun and games planned...
and of course, the cake
"what if I was to prepare a birthday party for Jesus... God's only son"
first off the pressure would be insurmountable... but knowing only He is perfect sure helps me... I had this whole photo shoot set out in my mind to have a white cake in the barn... with the animals around... and sort of "re-create" the manger idea
but then I awoke this morning to this:

It was as if God Himself whispered His sweetness on the farm
a dense fog surrounded our property, and beyond the woods you couldn't see...
beyond the prairie was mystery
beyond anything any one of us could ever do
I quickly baked the cake, but had an idea to put it in the winter-storybook-like woods
with silver... crystals... white... and the cake
for Him
How did I set about doing this? I thought for a moment... and came up with this:
Jesus is filled with awe and wonder (like the woods that surrounded this)...
He is masculine and bold (like the heavy metal table and strong branches)
He is sweet (like the cake)
and pure (as the snow that inspired this photo shoot)

Happy Birthday Sweet Jesus
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!!
xo+Christmas Blessings,

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