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a meditation for quiet peace...

as a mother, I know what it is like to prepare for a baby

the ultimate joy increases as that feeling of knowing the birth will happen at any moment

it is hard work and uncomfortable at first, adjusting yourself with physical surroundings

taking care of your body with nutrition to the best of your ability

preparing yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically the entire nine months... and when that joyous day comes, when the time finally arrives for you to hold your baby, the pain all goes away

the sorrow is replaced with joy and peace

a deep thanksgiving for that life and that strength God gave you to get through it

such is life and this very day...

Jesus's Mother Mary is quite honestly not honored enough... to think what She had to go through for those nine months... well let's say, it is more than any one single woman has gone through... She completely gave herself to God in order to have Him work through Her...

meditating on this simple fact that Mary, is the Mother of God, still to this day, is important for all of us

to imitate Her grace (she is full of grace)

to imitate Her charity (while heavily expecting she stayed to administer to her cousin Elizabeth)

to imitate Her in love ( she loved all of us so very much in order to help... to aid... in our salvation... if is wasn't for her, none of us who believe in Christ would believe and be saved by Her Son)

when you know a woman who is just about to give birth to a baby, what do you do?
some of you may pray for that woman in order for God to give her more strength, a healthy baby, no complications so to speak...

when you know a woman who just gave birth to a baby, what do you do then?
hopefully you pray still for the baby and the mother...

my point is... it's not just the baby you pray for

if Mary didn't have the baby, there would be no Scripture, no Bible, no Church

the blood of Mary runs through the veins of Our Lord and Saviour... it was, and never will be separated

how can you separate the light from the sun? you cannot

how can you separate the Mother from the Son then?

let us honor then the Place of the King, and think upon the quiet awaiting of The Baby...

for wherever Mary is Her Son is also

xo + graceful blessings,

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