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on guard...

Being completely able to load, hold, aim and shoot accurately at anything in life takes discipline

and the willingness to not be afraid of trying new things
but always being on guard, from not only evil, but allowing yourself to stop caring... of even the little things...

what I'm guarding...
= my individuality (making sure I'm not becoming too familiar with myself)
= my children
= the last of the tomatoes from the chickens (who btw, are still not laying eggs)
= baby Daniel from getting any bigger (at six months of age, there is seriously nothing cuter than his chubby thighs and little giggles)
= my sanity (due to the impounding ideas surging through my brain for the upcoming event... I have to keep calm!! — emphasizing even more of the need to relax due to the double exclamation marks)
= my oldest son's desires
= my oldest daughter's modesty
= my sewing needles (my oldest son is sewing patches onto his clothing — and in which, has sewn his arm closed twice, and knotted the thread so tightly we could zip line from it)
= my sugar (the bees need to fed some of my coveted raw sugar... they have been bred with another queen... it's a long story... but let's say, there was a mighty battle and the queen is dead!

don't become too familiar with yourself... but be on guard it's for His glory, not your own

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