Souvenirs + summer

little cabinet

it is sitting in my dining room's corner... all rustic and worn now...

i have always liked pie safes, and this one for under $10 at a local store caught my eye, and though I don't have any before pictures, it is just a new piece, was maple, and nothing special
it also had a thick wire on it
we removed the wire and put in this old screening and took off the handle completely
our daughter painted it in old white anne sloan paint, then distressed it
:: she did a wonderful job: :

it was recently photographed for some food styling i have worked on with traci thorson as the photographer
maria's cabinet and amazing styling was my inspiration for the shot (these are not the pictures by the way of the food styling... it was of a savory pie:)

now, for the next part of this week's renovation...
what the 'hay' to do with this shelf above my sink! i love the sign that i bought from stacey back here at the may sale, but too summery for me right now
what to do! suggestions would be fantastic...

peace + blessings,

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