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happy weekend photos...

=Twenty-two children =no whining =no "major" injuries (unless you ask the 3yr. old directly... he needs surgery according to him) =we've knicknamed the baby "wide awake Daniel" =giving up coffee is NOT an option =nursing while sewing is actually more easy than I thought =nursing while trying to braid my hair into this is not such a good idea =having people out to the farm and entertaining on our new pergola covered deck was even better when I threw some tarps over the top to block the sun (and now have the want to put a roof on it which Jason will be so excited to hear I'm sure) =still knowing the little touches you do for people are appreciated... even 'big bad Bill' =finding out also that listening to Bach concertos played on the violin by a semi-professional violin player (aka our cousin) helps soothe your ability to slam the volleyball to your opponents and releases even more stress =relishing in the following day after 3 days of partying and the children are still sleeping which is glorious in itself

I stitched the adults names onto seam binding and tacked them onto these crochet drink holders

the little kids spot

here's to our independence and freedom of speech, religion, and all the liberties we receive each day from God to live and care for those around us and the land we love

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