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Boho-style top and custom jewelry...

Our oldest daughter celebrated a birthday recently, but I had planned long before her celebration...

Tracy from Tied-Up-Memories had made this custom necklace just for her! ~white horse locket (she loves our white horse Jordan... and lockets) ~ keys (she has something for old keys... I wonder where she gets that? lol) ~ A few beautiful religious medals ~ old glass beads surrounded by wonderful chains and craftsmanship

I have bought a number of Tracy's beautiful jewelry
she's such a good friend to make a custom piece of jewelry isn't she?
We once did a barter for her jewelry... for one of my long skirts I designed just for her:
her sweet post on it

The necklace she made for our daughter, goes quite well with this new feminine/satin/watercolor design top I just finished sewing...

the feel of this top is so feminine-boho...

it's part of my new line of clothing... for the sale!

*a special thank you again Tracy* she loves it!!

If you are interested in purchasing a similar necklace, visit Tracy at her Etsy Shop:

Hope you are all enjoying the week... if not... start now!

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